The green laser how to generate and how it works

The green laser how to generate and how it works

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   Green in recent years, popular, and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, the country has made great development in foreign countries has been very popular, but awareness levels in the domestic market is still very narrow, but still a lot of friends this was very strange, I do not know the green laser What is the use of more puzzled, never mind the works of this product after the free fiber green boutique staff will continue to explain some of this knowledge, this principle one explain

    All semiconductor laser focus generated by the laser tube, green and red light green light there is no direct green laser tube, only through the crystal conversion, and then spread collimation focusing a good green. First Start: from crystal to understand the crystal (Nd: YVO 4 + KTP)

    Nd: YVO4 laser is used to produce the most effective one of the laser crystal in the laser diode (LD) pumped solid state laser working substance, its excellent performance, including stable chemical and physical processing, the lower the laser threshold value, large stimulated emission cross-section, high slope efficiency, and broadband pump light absorption efficiency, which makes the Nd: YVO4 crystal has been more widely used. Recently, the crystal and the KTP crystal produced by the combination of high power, high stability of the infrared and green laser has been the industrial production and a wide range of market applications.

    Of KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) crystal: KTP crystal, a number of nonlinear crystals in integrated performance the best crystal, one of its large nonlinear coefficient, high resistance to optical loss of the optical damage threshold and stable chemical features high harmonic conversion efficiency (> 70%) and relatively low price make it come out on top in the applications of such crystals, enduring, especially in the 1064nm laser frequency doubling device applications, KTP The best crystal material. LD (808nm) + of Nd: YVO 4 get 1064nm + of KTP 532nm green laser.

   Green light module combines laser crystals and nonlinear crystals, laser resonator, LD-pumped 808nm wavelength light through the gain effect of the laser crystal generates a 1064nm laser, and then after the nonlinear crystal for frequency doubling The role can produce a 532nm green laser. The green module similar to the electronic components integrated circuit, the characteristics of modular, integrated, mass production, and reduce costs.

   Green light module in the way of making use of the more popular light plastic process, and adhesive bonding: the combination of surface optical gap, green high output power, output mode, strobe low spot can be achieved by a continuous and stable output; diode-pumped conditions 20OmW crystal size 0.8X0.8X2, the output green power is generally 5-10mW, addition, conversion efficiency and the laser diode and crystal quality currently on the market the most advanced technology and materials The conversion efficiency of up to 35%.
   The green light module in the production of laser resonator is extremely convenient, and thus become the core components of the laser diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL). DPSSL has a compact, high energy conversion efficiency, power, good beam quality, long life, easy to use, etc., is one of the main device to produce the low-power green laser, color display, laser entertainment, laser, medical, underwater communications and other aspects have important applications.